Terms and Condition

Selling best quality of Insects from Iran or Other countries. All species are dead, dried and guaranteed A quality (unless noted otherwise). Please for more information contact us.
We guarantee you receive your specimens in the quality stated on your order. Our quality control includes checking of legs, antennas and body parts.
A1 : Perfect specimen
A- : Specimen with small damage
A2 : Specimen with some more significant damage
All prices are in Euro (€)
Order: Minimum order is 50€.
Postage & Package: Shipping cost should be paid by buyer
Orders will be shipped by Air mail postal service, unless there is different agreement with the buyer. All orders will be processed immediately after payment.
The cost of postage (Air mail) and packing:
Price for weight < 0.5 kg
Inside Europe and Asia: 35€
America and Canada: 40€
Other countries: 40€
Delivary: It take 3-4 weeks (Air mail)
Payment: We accept payment through bank wire, Paypal or Western Union.
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