Entomology tours

Each Year we provide different collecting and nature tours in Iran. These nature or collecting tours done in different parts of Iran and collectors, scientists, photographer and nature lovers can join us. You can find the situation of collecting tours on this page, and for booking your collecting tour in Iran you can contact us, with contact page.

Enrico Punta & Gulli Gioacchino

Laurent Voisin, French entomologist (Entomological trip in South of Iran)

J’ai passé une semaine de butterfly watching avec Insectsofiran.ir du 15 au 22 mars 2019, dans la région de Bandar Abbas, avec comme éco guide, Ahmad.
Les conditions matérielles ont été très bonne s avec nuit chez l’habitant et choix de restaurants de qualité. En effet Ahmad connait très bien la cité et sa région. Il a effectué de nombreux trajets en voiture pour me permettre d’explorer la zone à la recherche des espèces de papillons convoitées. Sa connaissance des milieux naturels, et de la végétation a permis de découvrir des biotopes intéressants et les espèces de papillons que je venais photographier. Il connait bien les coléoptères et nous avons pu effectuer des piégeages lumineux de nuit avec son matériel.
La logistique du séjour et l’approche naturaliste ont donc été très bonnes pour moi avec ce guide et je le recommande.

I spent a week of butterfly watching with Insectsofiran.ir from March 15 to 22, 2019, in the Bandar Abbas region, with Ahmad as my eco guide.
The material conditions were very good with some nights at the inhabitant’s house and a choice of quality restaurants. Indeed Ahmad knows the city and its region very well. He has made many trips by car to allow me to explore the area in search of the coveted butterfly species. His knowledge of natural environments and vegetation allowed me to discover interesting biotopes and the butterfly species I came to photograph. He knows the beetles well and we were able to carry out light traps at night with his equipment.
The logistics of the stay and the naturalistic approach were therefore very good for me with this guide and I recommend it.

Laurent Voisin, French entomologist (Entomological trip in West Iran)
I decided to ask InsectsofIran.ir to help me for a first trip in Iran mountains on April 2018. My aim was to discover a few species of butterflies and to take photos. Those species I was looking for (Parnassinae), some of them rare and endemic to Zagros range in West of this big country, are difficult to discover.
That’s why I choosed an expert (entomogical) guide.
I was not disappointed, because my guide was very understanding with my project, always giving good advice about expected biotopes, hostplants, …
Logistics is very important in such a huge country. Searching for different localities in different provinces, we had to cover several thousands kilometers in only one week. No limit was given by my guide/driver.
He always found good solutions for hotel or camping, restaurants,… His knowledge in all cities was decisive because every day my destination for the next morning was changing… His help was every time.
Thanks to InsectsofIran.ir, the expedition was successful : I met the butterflies I was dreaming of even if the species were very sparse and if information I had previously was often wrong!
So I plan to get back to Iran next spring to look for other rare species, of course asking InsectsofIran.ir to guide me !
website: www.lepido-france.fr

Stéphane Vassel

From the 21th of May to the 5th of June 2018, I and a colleage have made a very exciting entomological trip to Iran with InsectsofIran.ir. My main interest is Cetoniidae and my friend, Jean-Philippe Maurel was interested in Heteroptera. Saeed, who knows many interesting places, has introduced us to Kerman province and Zagros Mountains (around Yasuj, Shiraz, …). Night traps and day collecting were great. I have collected a lot of very interesting species as Protaetia speciosa cyanochlora, Protaetia falsafii, Aethiessa cf. zarudnyi, Heterocnemis matthiesseni, …
We have slept in nice hotels, campings, …
We have discovered the Iranian kebabs which have to be tasted !!So, thank you very much to Saeed, who has been very helpfull (also for visas !), nice, and has very good advices ! We hope that we will go back to Iran as soon as possible ! 

Du 21 mai au 5 juin 2018, j’ai eu le plaisir, avec l’un de mes collègues, de faire un formidable voyage entomologique en Iran. Nous avons été guidé par d’Insects of Iran. Je suis particulièrement intéressé par les Cetoniidae et mon ami, Jean-Philippe Maurel recherchait plus spécifiquement des Heteroptères. Saeed, qui connaît de nombreux sites de chasse intéressants nous a fait découvrir la province du Kerman ainsi que les Monts Zagros (autour de Yasuj, Shiraz, …). Les chasses de nuit et les collectes de jour ont été très intéressantes. Pour ma part, j’ai capturé des espèces intéressantes telles que Protaetia speciosa cyanochlora, Protaetia falsafii, Aethiessa cf. zarudnyi, Heterocnemis matthiesseni, … 
Côté hébergement, nous avons alterné entre des hôtels sympas et confortables et des nuits en camping… Nous avons découvert les kébabs iraniens qui doivent absolument être essayés !!
Merci beaucoup à Saeed, qui a été d’une grande aide sur place (et pour obtenir nos visas), toujours sympa et souriant, et de très bon conseil ! Nous espérons, maintenant, faire un nouveau voyage en Iran aussi tôt que possible !

Email: entomofou@orange.fr

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