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Insects collecting schedule of 2019-2020 has been updated and released on Website. Collectors and Scientist can joining us for study, collecting Insects, Photography & Birdwatching in Iran. If you are interest for travelling to Iran, you can contact us and ask it. Our email is: 

We have two kind of Cars for this purpose and the price of our tours are based on these cars, so you have to see which one of these cars is suitable for your purpose.

The Smaller car is Peugeot 206 SD, which produce in Iran. This Car is very useful and it can be your first choose if you want travel alone or with one (rarely two) of your friend(s) or wife. With this car you can go every where, because all main roads in Iran have good quality, so with this car you won’t find any problem if you don’t want driving on off roads and you haven’t lot of luggage.
The biggest car is a Land Rover which known in Iran as Pazhan. It is V6, 3000, and 4WD car, which is very strong and useful for the persons who loves driving on off roads or on not main roads or they have more luggage.

The price of our tours are based as below charts

– For booking your trip to Iran you have to pay 100€ in advance and the rest you will pay in Iran as cash.
– We will register visa for you, so it is not nessesary to go to Iranian Emabssy to get your Visa. You can come directly to Iran and get your Visa at airport. Its price is 20€ per each person.
– Pickup at the local or nearest airport.
– Overnight stay in nature (If you can’t stay in nature overnight and sleep in tent you should inform us)
– Each 2-3 nights in nature, stay one night at hotel or guest house.
– These prices coverage all of services, including normal meals, transporting, hotels, etc.
– For the regions in the east of Iran (Sistan va Baluchestan & South Khorasan) the price 15% will be increases.

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