Travel to Iran

Iran is one of the amazing country in the world for the Insects lovers, whom working and studying on Insects or collecting them as collectors. But it is no doubt, traveling to every part of the world put the tourists in to trouble in different cases that not only wastes the expenses but also results in tiredness and even some dangers.
An organized travel leads to security, reduction of expenses and convenience and peace of mind as well as enjoying the travel. An enjoyable travel will not make possible unless expert, experienced group that arrange schedules before any trip, arrange and perform a suitable travel account for you. 

Our organization have a group of experienced people who have traveled several times to every part of Iran in different seasons.

We programming and preparing all things that you need for your entomological trip to Iran. We give you a car with a driver who can speak English, but this driver is not a normal driver. Our drivers supporting you during your trip in Iran, show you around the cities and historic districts, markets, etc.

We also prepare all equipment that you need for your trip such as generator, light trap, tent, sleeping bag, etc.

We have a licence for collecting and exporting Insects in Iran, So you never find a problem with collecting Insects in Iran with us.

Traveling safely and managing your money along the way is an exercise in balancing multiple risks: theft, loss, high surcharges, and confusing discrepancies, and because of world sanctions, In Iran you have not access to any kind of national banking system, So you can not using your debit or credit card such as Master card or  Visa card in Iran and you need to bring all of your money as cash to Iran.
For the first time, with the InsectsofIran you can get one of Iranian debit card and exchange and transfer your money to this card and enjoy shopping and travelling in Iran. You can register and transfer your money directly to this card, before or when you are in Iran, so it is not necessary to carrying all of your money as cash in your trip.

  • Preparing Visa
  • Renting and Preparing Car with driver
  • Preparing all supplies and camping equipment
  • Booking domestic bus, train or plane tickets
  • Prepare Iranian debit card for tourists
In order to prevent any problem with entering to United States 
after traveling to Iran you may request that your passport be not stamped